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Shop Owner

Your roadmap begins with collecting all the labor dollars for your technicians’ time. Through measuring and managing, you can determine whether or not you are collecting all the labor dollars that are available to you, or if you are leaving money on the table.

Once you start measuring a few important metrics, especially ­effective labor rate (ELR), you will be able to make meaningful decisions in your business. Measuring and managing these metrics will help you find existing, hidden labor dollars — and collect more labor dollars — which can boost your bottom line. Read more >>


Ratchet + Wrench Magazines

Tired of feeling out of control at his shop, Express Tire & Automotive in Berea, Ohio, shop owner Dave Justice started routinely tracking his labor dollars by hand.

His meticulous approach to tracking not only turned around his shop, it also created a side business: Labor Profit Management, a software system that allows owners to manage productivity, efficiency and effective labor rates. Read more >>

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