The Labor Profit Management System “LPM” is a state of the art, web-based application that allows business owners to measure and manage productivity, efficiency, and effective labor rates. LPM will: Tell you how much money your shop is losing from non-producing techs, how much money you are losing from service advisers billing incorrectly, keep you in compliance with current wage and hour record-keeping requirements, easily measure and manage your tech’s performance, measure your shop’s Effective Labor Rate every day and keep track of clock and flat-rate hours electronically.

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LPM features include:





  • Hosted at a secure Co-Location facility
  • Information is automatically backed up offsite on a nightly basis
  • Access is secured by user based security



Web-Based Time Clock

  • Track Clock Hours
  • Track Actual Hours
  • Track Billed Hours
  • Time Clock can be used for both hourly and pay-for-production employees



“Scoreboard” Overview of Daily and Weekly Quotas and Goals



Employee Management

  • Protected by owner/manager specified Security Levels, User Names, and Passwords
  • Employee Loaded Cost
  • Billed Hour Quotas
  • Hourly Base Rate
  • Overtime Multiplier
  • “Pay for Performance” Incentive-Based Performance Tiers to motivate your employees


In-Depth Reporting

  • Real-Time Analysis
  • At a quick glance you see your shop’s performance versus industry standard targets
  • Employee Training
  • Owner’s evaluation of actual labor profitability
  • Complete Profit Graphing for selected time periods to monitor goals
  • Complete Labor Graphing for selected time periods to monitor quotas
  • Trend Analysis of business data – weekly, monthly, yearly


First Class Support

  • Toll Free Number
  • Live Customer Service Reps
  • Web based interactive training and troubleshooting
  • Assistance with your Initial Setup
  • Regular automatic upgrades and enhancements to the system

LPM Integration


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