Automotive Time Clock

Do you own or manage an auto repair shop? Then you probably have an automotive time clock. But contrary to popular belief not all Auto Shop Time Clocks are created equal. Labor Profit Management will not only record your technicians clocking-in and clocking-out but track the ELR (Effective Labor Rate) for each of your technicians and service advisors.Labor Profit Management will provide you with an easy to read report so you can monitor your progress to saving those dollars you’ve been losing due to inefficiency. You will now have all of this information at your fingertips and thanks to our customizable e-codes you can also track how much time your technicians are spending on other individual tasks like shop maintenance.
Everyone knows that knowledge is power but you don’t realize how much power you’re missing out on until you see the level of detail provided by Labor Profit Management’s Automotive Time Clock. Some might say that they already have the ability to track time spent on individual repairs or that they’ve neglected to run these reports because they see that their technicians are busy. But busy does not equal efficient. Can you tell how long they spend on warranty work, or waiting for authorization from the customer to perform the work, or how long they spend waiting for parts to arrive? If you can’t produce a report with this level of detail then it is near impossible to improve your technician’s efficiency.
Labor Profit Management understands your frustrations and wants to make the process of dialing down those lost labor dollars by helping you run a more efficient shop. This does not mean cutting down on hours or paying your technicians less. By improving your efficiency you will be able to service vehicles faster which, in turn, will allow you to increase your weekly car count. All of this leads to more profit dollars for you. This why it is important to have a system in place for technician labor tracking.
Labor Profit Management integrates seamlessly with NAPA TRACS, Mitchel1, ROWriter, Alldata and TCS shop management systems. No double entry once you enter the information it will upload into Labor Profit Management.
If you have any questions regarding your shop’s efficiency or you want to sign up today, give us a call at: 1-888-546-2272

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