Technician Labor Tracking

The cost of labor is often any businesses’ largest expense and auto shops are no exception. If you are an auto shop owner, you know how difficult it can be to effectively monitor your techs’ productivity, especially if you are out of the service bays in the office or running the front counter. Just because your technicians look busy does not mean that they are working as efficiently as possible. Why is that important? Every second your techs are on the floor costs you labor dollars and it’s up to you to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. That’s where Labor Profit Management (LPM) comes in. We offer simple and effective solutions to help auto shop owners with technician labor tracking.

“I trust my techs, I don’t need to micro manage their time.” We understand that you don’t want to be the “bad guy” or it’s hard enough being “the boss” but you should be creating an environment that encourages you and your technicians to improve efficiency and overall job productivity. LPM can help review your techs’ productivity weekly and as a team you can find ways to make your shop far more profitable than it is now. Improved technician labor tracking will not only stop profit loss it can also improve your customers’ automotive repair experience.

Labor Profit Management’s time keeping system is easy to use for both shop owners and their techs. There is no expensive software or hardware; it simply lives online. Your employees can easily activate their time clocks along with specific “e-codes” which denotes the specific job they are currently performing. This level of detail not only helps you manage your technicians but inherently breaks down their work day into attainable goals that will give both you and your techs a sense of accomplishment at the end of every day. You may find that some techs are far more efficient than you previously thought or that others can improve on their work. In today’s job market, employees are often asked to do more with fewer resources and seeing as time is one of your most expensive resources, you have to manage it efficiently.

Maybe you are thinking, “I already track the time my employees spend on each job.” That’s all well and good but do you know their Effective Labor Rate (ELR)? Does your time management system make it simple to see where you are losing labor dollars? LPM provides you with easy to read reports and helps you track your progress to increased profitability.

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