Auto Shop Time Clock

Auto shops are unique when it comes to time clocks. Gone are the days of the simple “clock in/clock out” method. Shop owners, these days, need to be able to track their technicians efficiency. Car count is the lifeblood of the automotive repair industry and that relies heavily on your ability and your techs’ ability to turn cars around as quickly as possible while still performing a top quality service. Here at LPM we understand that you are constantly competing with the dealers as an independent auto repair shop and that is why we designed our time clock to help you improve efficiency while arming you with the data to increase your profitability.

Labor Profit Management has taken the complex nature of the auto shop time clock and streamlined it into an easy to use system for both auto shop owners and their technicians, it can be accessed by a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means your techs can clock in right from the garage floor eliminating the hassle of using a physical time clock located somewhere in the shop. LPM offers the tools you need to continue improving every aspect of your shop. If you have questions regarding how our Time Management System can help your shop specifically do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Because knowledge is power and in this case knowledge equals money. By improving your Technicians’ efficiency rate you’ll be saving money that’s just been sitting on the table. Find out where your lost labor dollars are going through simplified reports. “Doing more with less” has become the small business mantra during these economically hard times and that’s why there has been a renewed focus on Effective Labor Rates (ELR). Let LPM show you where you can increase your shop’s efficiency, the numbers won’t lie and you’ll find profits in the truth.

Labor Profit Management’s auto shop time clock is great for both general repair shops and
specialty repair shops. With easily programmable ecodes you will be able to tell how long
your technician, not only, spends on a car with multiple repairs but how long they spent on
other tasks like warranty work, waiting for parts and waiting for authorization. We integrate with NAPA TRACS, Mitchell, RO Writer, Alldata and TCS. This attention to detail is the reason why you can become a profitable auto repair shop. Auto Repair Shops across the nation are seeing profitability off the charts because they can now measure and manage their labor dollars. Feel free to watch our videos, explore our website or call us to get started today!

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